Texas Company Looking To Sell Customized Ducati 1198 Superbikes

AUSTIN, TX – October 10, 2009 – (Motor Sports Newswire) – At Rever Corsa we have a simple philosophy in the way our motorcycles are built – Build it lighter, improve performance, and make it look beautiful!

As a platform for our Nero project we chose one of the greatest Superbikes of all time, Ducati’s legendary 1198 Superbike. The most powerful production V-twin motorcycle available today and one of the most successful motorcycle lines in the history of World Superbike, with 13 race victories.

Lighter, Faster, Beautiful. (Improving on the best)

Reducing weight on a motorcycle has an amazing effect on overall handling and performance. With less weight the motorcycle will accelerate much faster and Rever-Corsaturn into corners with much more precision and grace. When coupled with world class suspension, tires and brakes the thoroughbred, race inspired Ducati V-twin engine we have quite the recipe for a dominating track weapon.

Our wheels are carbon composite BST. The lightest motorcycle wheels available, a 40% weight saving over stock. Constructed in a unique monocoque (single unit) design with 7 hollow spokes that is suitable for both street and race use. Because we can engineer with carbon fiber and maximize on its properties of high strength and low weight, we have reduced the weight in the spokes and rim without compromising strength. The weight is therefore concentrated in the hub, which means that rotational inertia is reduced considerably. The BST carbon fiber wheels come equipped with Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa tires, for precise handling and control.

The Ducati 1198 is wind tunnel developed to cleanly cut through the air. Our body work is engineered in Formula One grade pre-preg auto claved carbon fiber, has a stunning finish, and is incredibly lightweight. All body work fasteners are CNC finished polished Titanium that perfectly accentuate the clean lines of the 1198 Nero.

Ohins is one of the world leaders in suspension systems. The 1198 Nero is equipped with some of the finest motorcycle suspension available. Ohlins FGRT 803 front forks come equipped with full adjustability and are individually tailor set-up for our clients. The rear suspension complements the front with an Ohlins DU788 TTX rear shock. The TTX allows for super-fast damping response and like our front suspension, comes custom configured for the end user.

A Brembo RCS radial brake pump controls Brembo 100mm radial mount monobloc brake calipers coupled with 330mm rotors. Giving incredibly powerful and precise braking and insures race pedigree braking in all conditions. The latest M/C developed by Brembo has a hard anodized forged aluminum alloy body with a MOTO GP-inspired piston assembly. It gives the rider the possibility to adjust the lever ratio changing from 20mm (road use) to 18mm (track use) just switching an internal patented pivot.

The signature sound of a Ducati engine is like no other. The 1198 Nero “booms” through a full Titanium Akrapovic exhaust system with carbon fiber silencers. This exotic exhaust system serves to increase performance considerably and reduce weight by a significant amount.

As its name sake implies the 1198 Nero is configured as dark as possible with exclusively black anodized components highlighted with copious amounts of bright finished Titanium and Aluminum. Rizoma Innovative components feature heavily in the Nero, high quality and beautifully finished.

The 1198 Nero Strada and Corsa are available built to order from Rever Corsa. The Corsa (race) version comes equipped with full race fairings and race prepped.

Both motorcycles are set to retail at $55,000.00.

Custom configuration.

The 1198 Nero Series can be further enhanced with the addition of the following components:

  • Titanium frame – hand built light weight Titanium chassis.
  • Supercharger – 200 + HP is available with the addition of our small discrete supercharger kit.
  • Inconel Exhaust systems – Constructed using F1 exhaust manufacturing techniques with amazing heat dissipation properties and incredible lightness. This exhaust has a wall thickness of 0.6 mm!
  • Carbon fiber triple clamps – Built using the same cutting edge techniques as our wheels -Light weight and extremely strong.
  • Carbon fiber rearsets – Light, strong and beautiful.
  • Custom paint – you can personalize your Nero with an entire catalog of custom paint designs offered through our website.

A plethora of other options are also available through our extensive catalog of performance parts.

About Rever Corsa.
Rever Corsa has been building custom motorcycles for over 10 years. Our roots lay embedded in the motorcycle race industry where we take our inspiration for our world class motorcycle builds.

We have a dedicated team of professionals to assist our clients, from the purchase of a part through our online store or the construction of a dream motorcycle.

We specialize in the exotic with world class factory trained technical specialists and exclusive access to some of the worlds best performance products.

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