Chris Carr sets new land-speed record

BONNEVILLE SALT FLATS, UT – September 24, 2009 – (Motor Sports Newswire) – Pending ratification, we have a new world and national motorcycle land-speed record.

Riding at a private, sanctioned meet on the Bonneville Salt Flats today, Chris Carr set a new outright land-speed record of 367.382 mph in the measured mile and 367.558 mph in the measured kilometer.carr_lead_250px

“We had the drama on the out run,” Carr said. “We about cleaned out the side of the course on the run out with the wind blowing, but the run back was great. It actually started to slow down for me. It was not nearly as hectic as 347 (mph) was a couple years ago.”

Streamliner builder Denis Manning was equally thrilled.

“It was a lot of work. This time was hard,” Manning said. “We blew up stuff, we got blown off course. It was tough. The thing was, every time we made a run, some part of the run was phenomenal, so we knew we were near. For these runs, we made an eighth-inch change to the aerodynamics and it made all the difference. The data was telling me that the nose was trying to dive, so we raised it up, and it worked.”

Speaking via cellphone from the salt, Manning said it was amazing to get the outright land speed record for a third time.

“This is fast—it’s like half the speed of sound!” he said. “It’s great to have the record back. I can’t thank the crew and Chris enough. I’ve been at this 39 years since I first got the record in 1970, and it’s just great.”

Carr said a celebration is on tap for this evening — as soon as the team takes care of some technical responsibilities.

“Right now we’re going to go back to the pits and have everything measured and make sure we’ve got all our i’s dotted on the paperwork for a new world record,” Carr added.