JIMS 131″ Twin Cam Evolution Mount Race Engine

JIMS R&D Department has developed a 131 Cubic Inch Twin Cam engine that bolts directly into Evolution style frames. Now the reliability and performance of Twin Cam technology is available for most OEM Harley-Davidson applications back to 1991, as well as most custom Evolution frames.

The 131″ features the same stroke as JIMS 120″ at 4 ½”, but carries a larger bore diameter of 4 5/16″.  To feed fuel to the 131″ CNC Ported Heads were developed for effortless airflow. Jim's-131-EVO-Our R&D team upgraded the oil pump which is found in all current production Harley-Davidson® Twin Cams. Of course, these enhancements were made to increase performance, but they also decreased engine temperatures.  Throw in a brand new billet cam support plate, which utilizes Harley-Davidson’s new hydraulic cam chain tensioner, and finish it off with the latest in high-performance tappets, the new JIMS Powerglide II™.

Combined, these enhancements take the 131″ to a new level of performance and reliability unmatched in race engines.  As always, power deliveries are as smooth off the bottom as stock, with a wide powerband of endless horsepower and torque.  JIMS 131″, the newest member of the now legendary JIMS Twin Cam Race Engine family.

This is, by far, the ultimate race engine for an Evolution based projects. These engines are available through any authorized Harley-Davidson® dealership. For more information contact your local H-D dealer, visit our web-site at www.jimsusa.com, or call Jims at 1-800-482-6913.

For more information you may also contact your Drag Specialties Representative



  1. Now that would make for one interesting Harley. That engine makes 130 horsepower and 135 foot-pounds of torque at the rear wheel! It’s a shame that you can’t custom-order a new Harley with that engine installed at the factory. Instead, you have to replace the engine in an existing Harley and then try to sell one that you pulled.

    • 131 – SAVE YOUR MONEY. Bought one – cost ended up over $13000. installed – lifters went under warranty – they replaced and said they would pay the $205. labor performed by HD. Never responded to my request for reimbursement. Lifters went on a 10000 long trip last summer across states and Canada- motor blew -total of about 30000km – Jims response is too bad – no longer under warranty – absolutely terrible customer care – engine was fast but is a piece of junk – their response – tear down motor every 5000 miles – real practical when you are on a 10000 mile trip – stay away from them unless you like throwing money away.

      • Same story here…. 7,000 miles and needs complete rebuild. Crank runout out of spec even though “welded”, kind of, by Jims. Rings, lifters etc etc all bad. I am about to spend approaching $10,000 to have motor rebuilt and upgraded so it will last. I serviced the hell out of it by the way… POS motor. Nice cases, end of story.

  2. So I just bought a Jims 131 for my 2010 Road Glide,what kind of upkeep should I do to get the most life out of this motor.At 7000kms now,runs a little hot,also very loud lifters and feels like it should have alot more power than it does

  3. same here,, twisted crank racking a Victory with 1,300 on the clock.. i did beat the Victory but at high cost.. jims warrantied motor even though out of warranty, i paid extra for welded crank. right out of the crate from Jims i checked run out to make sure an S&S 640G would be ok.. run out was 13/1000’s.. Jims response, send it back we’ll fix it, BUT the A-holes would not pay for any shipping.. I’ve read too many reviews about Jim’s motors being junk so i gave up,, not spending another dime.. And the really sad part, Jim’s used propitiatory bolt patterns for their barrels/heads – so guess what,, once you buy a Jim’s you are stuck with their junk for life…. Pretty bad, i cant even sell it for a mere 3K… STAY AWAY FROM THIER JUNK !!!!

  4. Bought one a year ago and blew the motor up after 3000 miles, had lots of problems with throtle bodies got it to make 140 horses on dyno.

  5. Quit your crying this motor is a all out race motor. Its a pro stock motor for a bike and there is nothing out there “v” style at this level. How many pro stock motors go on a 10,000 mile trips across anywhere buy a freaken MINI VAN. This motor is made for top mechanics not backyards or money boys looking for a toy. My 131 has paid for itself and repairs because i go out using it the way the beast was attended to be used by ripping the heads off other bikes at a 1000 to 5000 a race. I’ll be down at bike week SC Brown and Black Dyna ” BEAST” Come get some or buy a freaken MOPED

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