DuraBlue YFZ450 Anti-Sway Stability Kit

Lake Forest, Ca, – July 30, 2009 – (Motor Sports Newswire) -DuraBlue presents the Anti-Sway Bar Stability Kit featuring a combined sway bar and wheel spacers.

IRS machines are unbalanced and need the sway bar on the front to balance the chassis, with the wheel spacers providing extra tread width making it that much more stable.

Fits all A-Arm ATV’sDuraBlue-anti-sway-bar200px

  • Increase ATV stability and safety for everyday riding.
  • A must have for flat track racing.
  • Reduces front end wheel hopping on fast turns.
  • Stabilizes and reduces tipping action when cornering.

Working like an anti-sway bar on a race car, our Anti-Sway Bar Stability Kit is full adjustable from soft to stiff.  You can even adjust one side stiff and the other soft to match specific race conditions!  Full brushed and chrome plated, it fits all A-Arm ATV’s. If you’re looking for “flatter cornering” a Dura Blue Anti-Sway Bar Stability Kit is the answer.

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