NEW Lower Pricing


product’s success lowers manufacturing costs

MESA, AZ – July 22, 2009 – (Motor Sports Newswire) – Rigid Industries is proud to announce our new pricing schedule effective July 1, 2009.  With the success of our flagship E-Series Hybrid LED Light we have been able to lower our manufacturing costs due to the volume of LED’s and extrusions we have been purchasing.

Bikecrop100pxOur E-Series Hybrid LED, first developed in 2004, has gone through some very big changes recently and with our release of the “Amber Series” Rigid Industries has once again raised the bar in the lighting game.

“I would like to thank all of our customers and dealers old and new for your business and continued support. We look forward to offering you new, cutting edge LED products coming shortly.” Taylor Anderson VP of Sales

100% of assembly is done in-house, providing Rigid Industries ability to ship custom orders within 24 hours and handle all warranty issues within 48 hours.

Rigid Industries was founded in 2001 to provide cutting edge off-road lighting products and accessories. As the manufacturer of the E-series LED light bars, the most efficient (93% efficient reflector) and brightest Lumen per watt we set the standard for LED lighting technology. In 2008 we completed the acquisition of Holder Offroad, Dirt Lights, Inc. and Plane Lights, Inc. to expand our product line to include high quality HID products.  The addition of these 3 companies allow us to offer a complete line of powersports, military and off-road lighting.


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