UTV Concepts Now Offers the Tire Trap to Secure Your Offroad Vehicles Better than Ever Before

Phoenix, AZ, May 18, 2009 –(Motor Sports Newswire)- UTV Concepts announce their latest offering with the patent-pending Tire Trap offroad vehicle securing device. Renowned offroad adventure gear specialists UTV Concepts (www.utvconcepts.com) announce their latest offering with the patent-pending Tire Trap offroad vehicle securing device. This device was made for the outdoor adventure warriors with a passion for motorbikes, ATVs, or UTVs.

The Tire Trap is made from cold-rolled steel and features a red powder-coating paint finish, and is a safe tie-down system with a single ratchet strap. Gone are the days of the terrible hassle of loading and securing your off-road vehicle in the bed of your truck or trailer–this latest device makes it all easy and quick.

There’s a single wheel hoop for bikes, and double hoop for UTVs and ATVs. The Trap’s universal design allows it to secure offroad vehicles with anywhere from 19″ to 23″ wheel sizes, and it fits any transport vehicle with tires up to 10″ wide.

The Tire Trap secures your bike, UTV, or ATV against being jolted loose and tipping or falling out as you cross treacherous terrain deep into the great outdoors. You have secure tie-down points (using just a single ratchet strap over the tire) that are more convenient while the wheel gets chocked so that it is allowed some natural leeway movement as you transport it. (It’s also very easy to add yet another level of stabilizing with your own lock due to the streamlined design of the Tire Trap.) What this means for you is that you are no longer putting all that pressure on the vehicle’s suspension with the traditional strap-down methods, so that your off-road vehicle’s suspension is protected and you don’t have to worry about laying out all that cash for suspension damage and shocks repairs.

So, this must be difficult to install–right? Not at all. The Tire Trap can be rather easily installed in just a few hours. You just plan the layout with a marker, then drill the holes you need. All you need are some basic handyman tools including a power drill, and a friend or mechanical assistant for ensuring the security of the bolts. When you aren’t using the Tire Trap system, all you have to do is fold it down for additional purposes of your transport bed.  Plus you can easily remove it, too, if you want. The installation hardware in your transport bed can even double as additional tie-down points for other uses.

A limited lifetime warranty comes with the Tire Trap, meaning that you don’t have to worry about taking undue risks. Why not try out this one-of-a-kind offroad vehicle securing device, and save yourself hassle, worry, and money about your precious adventure “toys” in the future? The Tire Trap was made just for you and your outdoor passion.

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