RacersIMC.com – Changing the Way the World of Motorsports Connects

Indianapolis, IN, May 18, 2009 -(Motor Sports Newswire)- The Racers International Motorsports Connection, LLC has recently launched one of the most innovative motorsports websites to hit the internet in years. The Racers International Motorsports Connection is networking all forms of motorsports together on one website. The RacersIMC.com may very well change the way the world of motorsports connects in the future. The concept behind the data based website is to bring all forms of motorsports to one website instead of searching page after page on the internet for information. As the motorsports world inputs information, registered users will be able to search on one website for what they are looking for. The website will allow registered users such as drivers, teams, motorsports related companies, tracks, spectators, photographers, modeling agencies, and much more to register, build, edit, search, and view profiles of all other registered users. Connecting the world of motorsports together on one site.

The many positive features about the innovative website is that it is a very clean, professional looking site that is easy to navigate and the cost is only $10 per profile per year. The cost alone for advertising a profile is very attractive, especially the way the economy is affecting advertising budgets in all forms of motorsports.

The search feature will make it easy to find U.S. and International drivers, teams, and companies by alphabetical order, category, country, series or name.

The Motorsports Forum is very large and covers 17 categories and over 100 classes from karting to F1, British Grass track racing to AMA and WSB racing.

The drivers are listed in their respective countries so you know where they are from and in what series.

For grass roots to professional drivers in all forms of motorsports, it will allow drivers to post their racing resumes’ for everyone to view and make connections between drivers, teams, and companies.

For teams watching the talent or just looking to connect with drivers in any of the developmental series, the “send a message” is just one feature that will allow you to connect with a registered user without displaying your personal email address on your profile page to the public.

Registered companies will get a very cost effective way to reach their consumers by allowing a consumer to search for company profiles and then directing them to their own business websites for more information.

Based in central Ohio, “The Racers International Motorsports Connection, LLC is committed to bringing a very high quality, user friendly, cost effective website to its customers.” says owner Mike Dalenberg. “We have some very cool additions coming to the website in the near future. We are very excited and pleased with response we have had from the motorsports community so far. I think it is going to be great for motorsports.”

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Racers International Motorsports Connection LLC
Mike Dalenberg