Bel-Ray introduces the Bel-Ray powersports lubricant advisor

May 11, 2009 -(Motor Sports Newswire)- Bel-Ray, the industry leader in total performance lubricants, is pleased to announce the addition of the Bel-Ray Powersports Lubricant Advisor, a comprehensive database that offers Bel-Ray product information on Motorcycles, ATVs, Scooters and Mopeds via our website. You can also visit the link directly at:

Simply enter the make, model and type of your motorcycle, ATV, etc. and the Lube Advisor automatically recommends the best possible Bel-Ray product for each application based on OEM recommendations. You can also perform an easy text-search.

The Bel-Ray Powersports Lubricant Advisor gives an overview of all oil and/or fluid containing compartments and their fill capacity along with service intervals specified by the OEM. The Lubricant Advisor will also recommend up to four Bel-Ray products that can be use in that particular application as shown. More Bel-Ray products might be technically possible for the application, but since this is also a consumer website, a maximum of four products are displayed. Bel-Ray wants to make this feature as simple to use as possible, and for that reason, a maximum of four choices is displayed.

Bel-Ray CEO, Linda Kiefer, stated, “We are pleased to add this powerful new online tool to assist our customers in getting the ultimate performance in Bel-Ray products for their machines.”

The Bel-Ray Powersports Lubricant Advisor is also linked directly to the Bel-Ray website, and by clicking on the recommended products, additional information is revealed. The main benefit of this feature is that the customers can easily view what the best possible Bel-Ray products are that can be used in their Motorcycle/ATV etc. Customer will also have the ability to click on the SirTech link which is a direct link to our R&D department to help answer any additional questions to help with their selection.

Bel-Ray’s line of high performance motorcycle lubricants has been a major part of the motorcycle industry for more than 50 years. Bel-Ray is one of the world’s most recognized oil brands thanks to outstanding products like the unique Bel-Ray Thumper 4-Stroke Racing Motor Oil, no-fling Bel-Ray Super Clean Chain Lube and the exceptional Bel-Ray Foam Filter Oil. Bel-Ray’s innovative research and development continues to provide our motorcycle customers with lubrication solutions that help reduce consumption, increase machine life and provide long-term value.

Bel-Ray Co., Inc.
Carter Olcott
Channel Marketing Manager