A New Era Of Motorcycle Oil Coolers From UltraCool

HOLLISTER, CA,(Motor Sports Newswire) – UltraCoolFL announces the availability of new engine oil cooling technology for Harley Davidson and Custom V-Twin Motorcycles. Their UltraCoolFL system is engineered to provide motorcycle engine oil cooling during prolonged idle or high temperature situations when it is needed the most. At these moments, the UltraCoolFL motorcycle oil cooler maintains oil temperatures between 190 and 230 degrees, which meets factory recommendations. The cooler will function whenever it is needed, and not just during idling times.

By maintaining proper oil temperatures and avoiding overheating, you can increase the lifetime and the performance of any engine. Until now, motorcycle oil coolers did not work when there is no air flow through the radiator, which is exactly when cooling is needed the most. Now, there is the UltraCool system, which cools oil to proper temperatures whether the motorcycle is moving, stuck in traffic, or idling. It is engineered to fit most Harley Davidson and V-Twin engines (1999-today).

UltraCool Oil Coolers feature:

  • A cover that protects against clogging from debris and rocks.
  • The cover controls air flow to prevent over-cooling.
  • A regulator allows oil circulation only when the oil temperature exceeds 160 degrees. This helps the engine warm up to operating temperature faster, and reduces oil contamination from moisture.
  • Uses a high output, thermostatically controlled, fan. The fan forces air through the oil cooler when temperatures exceed 210 degrees, and turns off below 190 degrees.
  • Patented technology, Patent #6955159

This simple, but important, improvement in motorcycle engine oil cooling technology is now available in kit form. You get everything you need for easy installation with the affordable UltraCoolFL kit. Installation takes about an hour, and requires no special tools. Kit includes: Cooler Cover, Pre-assembled fan and cooler assembly, Oil filter adapter assembly, and Parts kit. The warranty covers parts only for 90 days.

The UltraCoolFL motorcycle oil cooler unit is attractive, inconspicuous, and fits securely on the motorcycle.
You can leave it black, or paint them with your own design. The UltraCoolFL helps extend engine wear and keeps your motorcycle engine operating at top performance levels because it regulates the air flow that keeps oil at optimum operating temperatures. Oil that is too cold is thick and does not do its job well for lubricating, and oil that is too hot causes excess engine wear because it destroys the very lubricating properties of the oil.

For more information and photographs, please visit the UltraCool website at www.ultracoolfl.com, or call Robert Clink Toll-Free at 888-630-1322. Email: info@ultracoolfl.com.


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