WeaponMX Wins G-Zero Gas Tank Foam Second Consecutive AMA Supercross Championship Team L&M Yamaha

Portland, OR, May 05, 2009 – (Motor Sports Newswire) – WeaponMX™, the leader in the fuel cell foam innovation, mx & atv exhaust, alloy armor, is currently accepting sponsorship resumes for the 2009 season.

WeaponMX is ecstatic that James Stewart pulled off the Championship in the final race of the season in Las Vegas.  Using G-Zero gas tank foam to help eliminate gas slosh all he had to do was watch out for death missiles and t – bones from team Suzuki.  WeaponMX is extremely proud to be working with Larry Brooks and suppling his team with G-Zero gas tank foam for some time now.  G-Zero has won multiple championships from off -road with Destry Abbott and Ricky Dietrich to Jeff Ward AMA Supermoto, Grant Langston AMA Motocross Champion and Chad Reed last year.

WeaponMX is searching for Motorsports athletes throughout the country to act as WeaponMX brand ambassadors.  Interested parties can apply for sponsorship through WeaponMX, MXResultz or by submitting a resume to sponsorship@weaponmx.com

About WeaponMX:
In 1994 Berg Racing USA was created and started making carbon fiber parts for the mx industry.  Supplying both factory KTM and Kawasaki we had numerous National Championships. Ten years later we wanted to change our name to have a better reflection of our company and there created WeaponMX… Where weaponry technology meets motocross.  Since then we developed aluminum protection products.

In 2006 WeaponMX was asked to develop titanium products for factory KTM and we heard that MotoGP bikes were running fuel cell foam in their bikes.  With that we asked Larry Brooks if he would like to try the concept on a supercross track.  Soon we were at the KTM test track and Casey Lytle was burning some laps with the first ever test of Fuel Cell Foam on a supercross track.  When he pulled off the track this is what he said, “The bike feels 15-20 lbs lighter and center of gravity feels 6 inches lower.” That day we started the product line G-Zero gas tank foam.

In 2007 WeaponMX introduced the Ballistic Exhaust systems line that incorporates the best materials and 100% made in the USA.  Mike Painter of Canyon Racers independently tested FMF, Yoshimura, Jardine, White Brothers, Rocket and WeaponMX.  We had no idea they even had one of our exhaust systems.  At the end of the day the WeaponMX exhaust system developed more HP and torque across the entire powerband. They could not believe we had done this.

WeaponMX..where weaponry technology meets motocross.

For more information, please check out http://www.weaponmx.com