California Motorcycle Smog Test Bill Passes Out Of Committee We Need Your Help! Write Fax or Call your State Senator NOW!!

HELP GUYS! – As Goes California, So Goes the rest of America –


Sacramento, CA, -(Motor Sports Newswire)- SB 435 has passed out of the California Senate Transportation & Housing Committee and is expected to be on the California Senate Floor before the end of April. This measure calls for smog checks, beginning in 2012 for motorcycles 2000 model year and later for owners to be able to re-register them. The California Motorcycle Dealers Assn. has concluded that there is not enough benefit and that there is the potential for discouraging potential owners. The author of the bill claims (?) that including motorcycle in the smog check program will eliminate 5.2 tons of smog daily. That is a tiny amount compared with the 1,406 tons of smog produced every day from all mobile sources. This is not something any motorcyclist can ignore. Your sport will be seriously affected by this bill.

  • Motorcycles do not contribute enough pollution to warrant being included in a smog check program
  • Motorcycle, because of their low mileage usage and a much higher gas mileage than cars or trucks, represent less than 3%* of the total for all mobile source emissions.
  • The cost to implement and conduct a motorcycle smog check program will cost California more than the value of the emissions it’s estimated to save.

(*Note: We don’t know where in the hell they got this big number of 3% – possibly based on the number of car versus motorcycle registrations in California? But as you know almost no one rides their motorcycle to work during the week – everyone drives a car.

This week I drove my car down the I-405 in greater Los Angeles from my home in the San Fernando Valley to Long Beach and back, a 2.5 hour drive, some 90 miles and back in heavy traffic. During the trip I encountered probably 250,000 automobiles or more in both directions on the freeway, and only 6 motorcyclists! In rural areas it’s probably even less:.

That percentage equates to just 0.00002% of bikes driven in greater Los Angeles during the weekday compared to cars!!!

Not the 3% as the legislators claim. As a motorcycle enthusiast I own 6 registered motorcycles, but like most of us I generally only ride one of them for recreation, usually on Sundays – that’s just 4 times a month, and usually under 50 miles per ride. – Editor)

  • A smog check program for motorcycles will discourage a new motorcycle purchase and encourage infrequent usage owners to stop using them.
  • Motorcycle smog checks were eliminated in one Arizona county when the program did not reduce emissions enough. *If motorcycles have to be returned to stock condition, finding original parts for older bikes will be impossible because historically, not enough spare parts were made.

We need to do two things IMMEDIATELY:

1). Contact the CA State Department of Transportation Senators who wrote this Bill:
Sen. Allen Lowenthal (Chair) , Fax 916 327 9113 / Ph (916) 651-4027
Sen Robert Huff (Vice Chair) , fax 916 324 0922 / Ph (916) 651-4027
Sen. Fran Pauley, Fax (916) 324-4823 / Ph (916) 651-4023

2). Find out who your state Senator is. Then fax, call or write them asking for a “NO” vote on SB 435. 2. Also contact the below nine Senators:
Ron Calderon 916-327-8755 fax / 916-651-4030 ph
Lou Correa 916-323-2323 fax / 916-651-4034 ph
Dean Florez 916-327-5989 fax / 916-651-4016 ph
Gloria Negrete McLeod 916-445-0128 fax / 916-651-4032 ph
Alex Padilla 916-324-6645 fax / 916-651-4020 ph
Tim Darrell Steinberg 916-323-2263 fax / 916-651-4006 ph
Pat Wiggins 916-323-6958 fax / 916-651-4002 ph
Rod Wright 916-445-3712 fax / 916-651-4025 ph
Leyland Yee 916-327-2186 fax / 916-651-4008 ph

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  1. Motorcycles produce the least amount of smog per gallon of fuel used than any other vehicle on the road, we don’t need a smog test that will destroy the motorcycle business in this state, we need less lame laws and lawmakers with thier make believe statements that can’t be backed up because they are lying to get what they want. Why don’t they pass a law that makes it illegal for politicans to lie to the public, and the penalty for those that do is they must walk thier precinct and appologize to every constituent personally, promise not to repeat it and lose thier paycheck for a year for every violation.

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