Motor Sports Ad-Wire will commence operation May 1st, 2009

SIMMS, Motorsports Marketing announced today, starting on May 1st, 2009 they will begin to offer their latest service for the powersports industry, Motor Sports Ad-Wire.

Motor Sports Ad-WireSIMMS, Motorsports Marketing is thrilled to announce our third and final piece of our corporate communication distribution system. Advertising, marketing and branding are necessary for building your company’s image and developing product awareness. We now offer Motor Sports Newswire, NDS and our latest addition Motor Sports Ad-Wire.

Motor Sports Ad-Wire is a “members only” specialist in the distribution of business to business advertising for the powersports industry. The benefits of a Motor Sports Ad-Wire membership over conventional advertisement are tremendous.

  • Cutting edge ad distribution system,
  • Ads run for 24 months,
  • Ads are Full color, full page and interactive,
  • A low cost, high value special introductory membership offer.

“Today, we are able to offer a complete and fully integrated communications solution so you can reach your target in a financially efficient manner while delivering an unrivaled ROI. The most practical way to achieve a high rate of return for your communications investment, is to start with as little invested as possible”. Simms said

The Motor Sports Ad-Wire’s mission is to discover and share the latest in communications technologies with you, “our members” so your messages can go further, faster and live longer. For more information regarding Motor Sports Ad-Wire please call 608-347-3963 or e-mail

SIMMS, Motorsports Marketing specializes in corporate communication and marketing for the motorsports and powersports industries. It is our mission to deliver and Implement a Complete Program including Activation to make you more productive, more accurate, more efficient and more effective. We have the ability to get you heard, get you watched and connect you to the world! Today, we offer you a fully integrated communication and marketing solution so you can reach your target efficiently and effectively. Providing the tools you need to achieve your business objectives. To find out more, please contact us. PH 608-347-3963 or .

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