HelmetSecure™ Announces Helmet Lock Solution for Motorcycle Enthusiasts

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif.–(Motor Sports Newswire)–HelmetSecure™ announced today a new full-face motorcycle helmet lock which is the first to offer motorcyclists freedom from carrying a helmet while also providing security, safety and convenience. The patent pending lock permanently attaches to the motorcycle, is always available, does not widen the motorcycle and holds the helmet high on the forks away from dirt and hot exhaust.

“We are responding to the need for a well-designed and custom-engineered helmet lock that gives the rider the ability to walk away from their motorcycle unencumbered by a helmet,” said Trevor Weyland, designer of the HelmetSecure lock and motorcycle enthusiast. “With the HelmetSecure lock we provide motorcyclists a quality accessory that is complementary to one’s lifestyle and to the functionality of the bike.”

Using hidden bolts, the HelmetSecure lock permanently wraps securely around the motorcycle handlebar and can be customized to three standard diameters of round handlebar (7/8″, 1″ and 1 1/4″). A tough 15” cable is pre-coiled and stores securely in an integral part of the HelmetSecure lock’s frame when not in use. When in use, the cable loops through the face of the full-face helmet bringing it close to the upper frame of the motorcycle.

For convenience, the HelmetSecure lock has been designed so that the owner will only need to work with one of the locking features (a custom push-down lock) once the lock has been attached to the motorcycle.

“Safety, security and convenience are top priorities for any motorcyclist and we have engineered the HelmetSecure lock so that it does not interfere with the operation of the motorcycle,” added Weyland. “In addition, the HelmetSecure lock is the perfect, unique locking solution that encourages riders to wear a helmet every time they ride.”

The HelmetSecure full-face helmet lock comes in a sleek chrome finish and costs $59.99, plus shipping. For information about the HelmetSecure lock or questions about how to install, please visit: http://www.helmetsecure.com or email info@helmetsecure.com.

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